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How virtual reality applies to healthcare

"We're already using virtual and extended reality technologies as a tool for procedural support, it reduces the anxiety or distract during mild to moderately painful procedures.For example, some cancer patients need a procedure called a lumbar puncture, where medicine is injected into the spinal fluid. It's moderately painful. Most adults get it awake, but because it can be distressing for children, patients at Children's Colorado almost always get it asleep.


But going under anesthesia isn't easy. Patients fast for eight hours beforehand, and the anesthesia requires more prep time and staff than the lumbar puncture itself. With the recovery time afterward, a 20-minute procedure can eat up a whole day.


Using virtual reality as a calming distraction, several patients are now getting lumbar punctures awake. Everyone has been enthusiastic using it!  - James Thomas, MD. Pediatric Anesthesiologist 


An Immersive Virtual Tour for Well-being

The Innovative 4VR Hope program is transforming Pediatric Care in Canada

4VR HOPE is a program that delivers wellness to children hospitalized in a long-term of treatment,  to help distract them during difficult medical procedures, relieving  pain, lowering  the level of anxiety, besides giving a faster humanized recovery to them in an immersive experience.

We intend offering an immersive Virtual Reality Tour at the Aquarium, Zoo, Conservation Areas, Science Museum and other places. Wow! we’re are working hard to provide well-being for children and their families.

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Walk through the Zoo and visit a Zebra, giraffe, the Hippopotamus, Monkeys, the Lion and the Penguin.


Dive into a marine adventure at Aquarium Centre. Glimpse the rich diversity of marine life with stunning displays.

Science Museum

Our blue planet is fantastic creation! It includes scientific exploration, medicine, space, botany and technologies.


Spend a magical time with horses, dogs,  and others pet. Explore how lovely they are. We can learn quite a lot with them.

More places

There are a lot of amazing places to explore and be amazed in this immersive experience around the world.  

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Bring a Virtual Reality Tour
to your hospital

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